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User Auth

Sign up, sign out, forgot password, email verification, and oAuth. Powered by Supabase Auth.

Pricing Page

Customizable and fast pricing page, integrated into the billing portal.


Blog engine with rich formatting, RSS and SEO optimization.


User friendly subscriptions powered by Stripe Checkout.

Billing Portal

Self-serve portal for changing card, receipts, upgrades, downgrades and more.

User Dashboard

User profile, user settings, update email/password, billing, and more.


Pre-rendering. Compiled on deployment to remove unused CSS/JS. Perfect 100/100 Google performance scores.


Designed for mobile and desktop.

Delightful Tech

Tools you'll love working with, including SvelteKit, Tailwind, Postgres, and Supabase. UI Components and themes from DaisyUI.


All the tools you need to make additional marketing pages, UI components, admin portals, database backends, API endpoints, and more.

Free to host

Instructions included for getting setup on Cloudflare+Supabase hosting. Free to start, and cost effective to scale.


Handle new users and scale with horizontally scaling edge functions.